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Specialist search

Our clients are pension funds, PPIs (Premium Pension Institutions), insurers, consultancy firms, pension fund’s administrators, corporates and regulators.
Since our start in 2008 we successfully completed more than 400 positions (from junior to senior).

Personality is the deciding factor

Relevant knowledge and experience are important in the profile of a candidate. However, one’s personality is the deciding factor. So for that reason, we pay extra attention to that aspect.

Identifying personality traits: the Big Five model ...

In order to examine the competences, we use, among other things, personality questionnaires in which we identify five personality traits (also known as the Big Five model). The Big Five model is the most researched and scientifically validated model in this field. The five personality traits that are examined are: neuroticism, extraversion, openness, altruism and conscientiousness.

…and selection interviews lead to the right match

Based on discussions with the client, we draw up an ideal personality profile for each job. With the results of the Big Five and the selection interviews, we get a good insight into the personality profile of the candidate. It helps us to make the right match between the ideal personality profile and the candidate.

Staying up to date in pension news

As professionals and for personal interest in pensions, we are active members of various networks (Pension Specialists Association, Actuarial Association). We are very much aware of the latest developments in pensions, new functions that arise in the changing pension landscape and changes in existing positions with new tasks and responsibilities.
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